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What are the treatments options of shoulder pain?

Localized pain management injection with ultrasound guidance (our preferred method of administrating the medication):

This technique uses FDA approved medication, which is injected, directly into the painful area under ultrasound guidance.

This is a modern, advanced, non-surgical treatment technique that relies on injecting anti-inflammatory medication accurately into the area of inflammation under ultrasound guidance. Using an accurate, effective, safe and non-invasive technique, makes musculoskeletal radiologists achieve better results in terms of pain relief/management. Statistic accuracy rate is about 95-99%.

What is ultrasound guided injection of shoulder pain?

This technique has the following benefits:

Helps the radiologist to accurately identify the inflamed tendon or bursa, which is important to confirm the clinical examination.

Allows the radiologist to accurately localize and effectively administer the medicine to one or more compartments of the painful area “if necessary” resulting in better and faster pain relief.

The patient benefits the most by having the medication in the right spot without pain or complications.